Developed by literacy and education experts in Singapore and the United States, our 'Speak up, Speak well' programme enables children to speak English more confidently and articulately.

Lessons comprise three levels and are based on the students' ages and abilities. Lesson activities include storytelling, show-and-tell, dramatic play, rhymes, language games and presentations.

Age: 5 to 9

Duration: 1 hour per lesson

Curriculum Objectives:

  • Enable children to speak more clearly and confidently in a group setting

  • Help children learn to express their ideas and opinions more fluently


  • Show children how to use appropriate body language when speaking in front of an audience

  • Encourage children to listen with understanding

  • Allow children to take turns to speak and participate in discussions

  • Develop children's speaking and listening vocabulary

  • Teach children the correct pronunciation for commonly mispronounced words and phrases


  • Equip children for the revised Primary English Language syllabus, which now focuses more on confident communication

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