We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to tuition. Comprehensive and effective, our academic programmes are developed by experienced and well-qualified tutors, who customise their lessons to meet the needs of the students. 

Primary English

Our Primary English programmes help students to build a strong foundation in the English language. Our tutors use a variety of resources, from word games to language worksheets, to enable students to enhance their grammar, vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Tutor: Michelle Eric

Tutor: Tina Safari

Primary Chinese

Learning Mandarin can be fun. Our veteran KRTC master tutor creates an interest in Mandarin by ensuring a conducive and interactive learning environment. He also writes his own materials to better meet the needs of individual students.

Tutor: Lai Chang Bin

Primary Math

Our experienced MOE-trained tutors enable students to understand and grasp Mathematical concepts through fun and interesting ways.

Tutor: Lenny Loke

Tutor: Richard Ong

Primary Science

Our Primary Science programme enables students to acquire scientific skills that are key to performing well in their examinations. At the same time, our experienced tutors ensure that lessons are engaging.

Tutor: Richard Ong

Tutor: Beena Pai


Our immersive creative writing programme takes students on a journey where learning is part of the adventure. One of our most popular programmes, it nurtures students' creativity and critical thinking skills, while equipping them with the ability to craft a good story.

Age: 7 to 12 years

Our fun and hands-on robotics workshops help children to
develop an interest in science and technology. They will gain a deeper understanding of math and science concepts by experimenting and learning to build and programme a
variety of LEGO models.

Age: 7 to 12 years

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