Our Mission

Children learn best when they are having fun.

At KRTC Pasir Ris, we embrace this philosophy. While we offer high-quality academic programmes that KRTC Kent Ridge Education is well known for, we have also gone all out to create a unique and refreshing environment for our students - one where learning is truly enjoyable.

Our KRTC centre at Downtown East is designed with our mission in mind. We want it to be a place that:

  • Inspires creativity

       Our centre is painstakingly put together to make our students feel at home. The vibrant and aesthetically        pleasing environment is also more conducive for thinking and learning.

  • Promotes lifelong learning

       Our experienced and dedicated tutors ensure that lessons are engaging and tailored to meet the needs of        every student. We also offer an array of programmes that help students to excel both inside and outside          the classroom. 

  • Encourages a love for nature

       Research shows that nature has a positive impact on children's social, psychological, academic and                  physical development. While we are unable to bring our lessons outdoors, we endeavour to bring a little          of the outdoors into our classrooms - through plants, nature-inspired wall art and even a towering tree.

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