Discover the magic of Mathematics!

Run by KRTC Senior Tutor Mr Lenny Loke, the Thinking Math Programme is one that arms your child with the fundamentals of Mathematics and helps them to build a strong foundation in math concepts.
P1/P2 (Foundation Master):
At this stage, students are taught fundamentals through fun and engaging ways that include games and manipulatives. Junior Math and Olympiad-style study materials are also provided to expose students to various facets of Mathematics.
P3/P4 (Bridging to Heuristic Approach):
Here, students are introduced to learning methods that enable them to understand and apply different problem-solving techniques.
P5/P6 (Heuristic Approach Mastery):
At this point, students are encouraged to think outside of the box and employ critical thinking to solve problems. This better prepares them for the PSLE examination and also gives them a strong foundation so that they can adjust more seamlessly to Secondary Mathematics.

Secondary Math:

  • Mathematics is a conduit for the growth of a student’s intellectual competence in logical reasoning, spatial visualisation and abstract thought. Lessons will provide students with a solid base, which will help to prepare them for ‘O’ Level Mathematics.

  • Students will gain a deeper understanding of math concepts and acquire the skills that they need to apply mathematical principles in a precise manner.

  • They will learn how to express their answers using clear, logical and succinct explanations. Through regular mock examinations, students will be constantly exposed to examination-style settings to build their confidence and to help them ace their school examinations.

Mathemagics Key Learning Areas:

  • Learn to identify and solve word problems

  • Acquire mental math strategies

  • Develop early math skills

  • Build advance math skills

Primary Math:

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